An onsite consultation provides the client with an expert opinion of a particular problem or situation in relation to water intrusion and mold. This is helpful when the client is not sure what he needs or whether his/her concerns are valid.

The onsite consultation consists of a walk-through of the home or building, learning of its history, and the symptoms experienced by the occupants.

The client receives an unbiased professional opinion of the situation and the recommended steps he/she should follow to assess or possibly correct a problem.

See below the difference between an onsite consultation and a mold inspection.



  • One-on-one consultation with a mold detection expert
    - Walk-through of the home or building
    - Evaluation of the facts on hand
  • Verbal opinion
  • Inexpensive



Learn about a telephone consultation



  • Detailed mold investigation of inside and outside the home or building performed by two mold inspectors, includes:
    - Moisture readings of the walls
    - Check air handler
    - Relative humidity
    - Pictures taken
  • Written report
    - Red flags conducive to mold growth are noted
    - Suggested repairs
    - Sampling suggestions if needed
    - Pictures included in repor


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