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  • Unsurpassed quality mold inspection
  • Accurate laboratory results
  • Complete and understandable report
  • Fast turn around
  • We specialize in water intrusion and mold detection
  • We do not perform remediation, which leads to conflict of interest
  • Our quality control is unsurpassed in the industry

We wrote the book: "MOLD MATTERS - Solutions and Prevention"


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Charles Dobbs, mold inspector
and author of MOLD MATTERS -
Solutions and Preventio




  • We possess excellent qualifications - certified mold inspectors with scientific backgrounds. We continually strive to learn more about mold behavior and the art of mold detection.
  • Because of our scientific backgrounds you are assured that the investigation and sampling will be conducted in a scientific manner.
  • We do not do remediation, so you can receive unbiased professional opinions in resolving your mold problem.
  • We provide a detailed investigation report written in a narrative format outlining problem areas and we make recommendations on preventative measures. This narrative approach is particular to scientists doing any investigation, and is superior to the check the box approach used by most mold inspectors.
  • We interpret the laboratory results and write a companion report to the laboratory report to explain the results in detail, and we give our recommendations.
  • We can also can write a detailed remediation protocol that includes pictures.




We hire the services of top lab professionals.

  • We use a lab that employs only degreed microbiologists to perform the analyses.
  • In addition, the lab carries an accreditation -
    the Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Accreditation Program, or EMLAP, given by AIHA which ensures high quality laboratory analysis.
  • This independent lab provides a scientific report of the specimens analyzed.


“When a laboratory is accredited by AIHA, the laboratory and its clients have the assurance that the laboratory has met defined standards for performance based on examination of a variety of criteria.” -



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